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  1. Welcome member #3 (or is it 4?)! Glad to have you here.  :D

    I like your black out work, looks very clean and I have always had a soft spot for silver.

    My family is from KY originally but I don't know beans about it myself.

    Hit me up if you have any issues, requests, complaints with the site, everything is brand new and still trying to get things setup.


  2. vlcsnap-2016-07-18-00h51m38s108.png


    Thank's for checking out my Fusion build page. This is an overview of the build, if you want more details and regular updates check out my blog page.

    Picked up a 2015 SE AWD in Dec '15 with 10k and have been loving every moment of driving it. Have put on a number of bolt-ons and am currently fine tuning the setup, Just recently pulled off a 14.099 at NED while hopping the wheels like mad, still have some learning to do with regards to launching!



    The car is even fast enough to give the new Fusion Sport a run for its money for thousands less than the Sport's MSRP!



    Just finished the performance part side of a "Stage 1" mod list. The general list of parts was taken from Monotune's MR300 Kit for the FocusRS (plus a catch can or 2 and spacers if I can fit them). The combination of upgrades promises to max out the current turbocharger and hit a full 300hp and 350tq or more (I hope).

    04 - CP-E 20T Intake Intake System -  Installed.jpg







    General Use

    18" Stock 20-spoke

    Stock rubber





    To be installed

    Remaining Stage 1 Todo list:

    • BND HP Gold Coolant
    • Heat shielding for intake and turbo exhaust side
    • Front moint ram air snorkel - maybe
    • Front end/leading edge film protection coat
    • Possible dyno tune with local SCT dealter that does a lot of focusST's and mustangs

    Italic = Received and awaiting install
    * = Order paid and awaiting shipment

    Stage 1 Engine:

    03 - jpdbLG9.jpg

      Stage 2 Planning list:

      • Initial planning Dyno run (before winter)
      • Balance Shaft Delete with Windage Tray
      • RX Catch can
      • Determine turbo sizing and cam profile for desired power curve
        • Looking for flattish curve
        • Determine reasonable HP targets (300-330+ whp and 350+ wtq)
        • favor power consistency over highest possible numbers
        • Main power targets and tuning for local pump gas (93 octane)
      • Large turbo kit
        • Oil lines
        • Oil cooling
        • Turbo and exhaust heat shielding
        • Complete 3" exhaust 
          • with electronic cut-out?
        • DP update or replace if needed
        • Synaspse BOV rebuild and replace any worn parts
        • secondary boost controller
        • Updated manifold?
      • Head Rebuild
        • stock 2.0 Fusion heads
        • Springs (stiffer?)
        • light weight valves
        • best available seals, seats etc
        • custom cam profile (research)
        • 5-7 angle valve job
        • Port/Polish where reasonable 
        • Professional build
      • Big Brakes
        • Volvo or wildwood for fusion big fronts and stock backs
        • keeping e-brake if at all possible
        • bigger wheels may be needed
      • Transmission updates
        • Stock trans will likely survive the new turbo for a while so this won't need to be done at the same time though it would be ideal
        • Valve body rebuild possibly de-bur and port at minimum
        • Better solenoids
        • Consider full rebuild, 6f55 swap or other alternatives as well
        • If rebuild/custom build
          • Re-gearing for the setup to accommodate new power band
          • Stronger clutches and gears
          • Input and output shafts
          • Lighter/stronger drive shaft and or axles
          • Delete AWD?


      Future Sometime (could be any time):

      • Hood Struts
      • Improved drive train cooling 
        • oil coolers with pumps for PTU and RDU
        • better trans cooler
      • Front Sway bar
      • Boomba TB Spacer 
      • Boomba Intake Spacer
      • Spoiler
      • Sync3
      • TPG Grille upper and lower
      • A-Pillar Guage Pod
      • TI/Mondeo Tails
        • modified with sequential turn
      • gloss black bezel with LED for fogs
      • headlight upgrade - for a projector setup that can actually compete with stock
        • sequential turns
      • vinyl wrap
        • flat black
        • flat charcoal
        • gloss candy blue
        • stripes?
      • rear valance
      • gfx kit?
      • interior leds
      • push button start
      • Light up fusion sil plates
      • Ford logo puddle lights
      • license plate framing with better lights
      • full leather interior with race red or deep green stitching
      • engine bay clean up
        • re-loom harness?
        • paint engine cover
        • color perf parts?








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