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  1. Fusion 2.0 - Removing Front Bumper Cover

  2. Fusion 2.0 - Removing the Stock Intercooler

    Removal pictured on '15 AWD. Removal is the same for all years 2013-2016 Step 1. Remove the Front Bumper Cover Bumper Cover Removed Step 2. Unbolt the 4 bolts and 2 snaps holding the active grille shutters and shroud assembly on and disconnect the sensors 2 of the bolts are just above the crash bar 2 of the bolts are above the top of the air shroud The 2 snaps are found near the top just on the outside of the shroud. They can be undone through a small gap in the frame (I ended up cutting mine as they were 1 way plastic bolts and I did not want to fight with them. The will need to be replaced during the install. Disconnect the AGS control and ambient air temp sensor. If you are removing the AGS for an upgraded intercooler you will want to pop the ambient air sensor off of the AGS casing. AGS Removed Step 3. Disconnect the Charge Air Temp sensor from the passenger side of the intercoooler Step 4. Loosen the clamp on the passenger side Step 5. Loosen the driver's side clamp. Step 6. Unbolt the 4 bolts on either side of the intercooler Step7. Remove the Stock intercooler, work the plastic inlet and outlet out of the coupler Stock intercooler removed
  3. Fusion 2.0 - Intercooler Upgrade - Levels

    Upgrade performed on '15 AWD, instructions near identical for '13-'16 For more info on the levels intercooler check out the product page: Special Tools and Materials: Torx bit for charge air sensor Oil for adjusting couplers. I use BOV assembly/rebuild oil as it is thick. WD-40 is also popular. Step 1. Remove the Front Bumper Cover Step 2. Remove the stock intercooler A note about Active Grille Shutters (AGS) and the air shroud The active grille shutters are computer controlled shutters that exist supposedly to increase fuel economy on stock cars. People can choose from a number of options if they wish to keep all or part of the shutters or air shroud. Personally I removed my AGS entirely, mainly because the AGS does not fit with an upgraded intercooler and it is a bit pricey to replace should I ever wish to go back to stock. So far with summer driving in New England traffic I have yet to see an issue. YMMV however it is important to note that even ford sees this part as optional. AGS is installed seemingly randomly on Fusions of nearly every year short of '13 where every car got them. So cut them up and try to keep them if you like or remove them and don't worry about it. It is up to you. Stock AGS and intercooler removed. Ensure the stock clamps are still on the charge pipe lines Step 3. Swap charge air temp sensor from stock intercooler to levels. Use bolt provided with the new intercooler Step 4. Add inserts and clamp down stock clamps Insert about 1/2 on each side. Step 5. Attach silicone elbows and clamps, Step 6. Loosely bolt up the IC give yourself room to move things around Step 7. Work couplers onto the IC inlet and outlet. You may notice the coupler is too long, this is done on purpose for this IC as the new mount location is static on the frame instead of mounted on the movable radiator bracket. You may need to start bolting up the intercooler Step 8. Re-connect Charge Air Temp Sensor Step 9. Tighten the mounting bolts Note that I have them backwards here, the alan head side should be point toward the front of the car. I am not a smart man. Step 10. What to do with the ambient air temp sensor? If you keep most of the AGS frame you may be able to use the stock area, otherwise the cable has plenty of room for many places. Since I still have the lower grille for now I zip-tied the sensor to one of the snaps for the lower grille, this keeps it out of the way while still direct airflow. Best part about this setup is that there is one less item to unhook when removing the bumper cover.