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What is FusionSpec anyaway?

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Figured I would kick this likely only rarely used meta-blog off with some simple answers to questions I am commonly seeing from the various Fusion communities out there.

Who the heck are you?

My name is Joe, I live in the Boston area worked on my first car at 17 years old re-doing the fuel-injection system on my big red '88 Oldsmobile Cutlass. Since about 2001; I have been modding cars (mostly GM W-Bodies) and doing all sorts of craziness from re-wiring engine harnesses and doing swaps to working with talented machine shops to design new parts.

An industrial engineer by trade but am no mechanic just someone with a garage and a few tools.

I was brought over to Ford after seeing the impressive ecoboost platform and picked the fusion because I really liked the size, look and powerplant. Plus I have always enjoyed making cars that no one expects to be fast, wicked fast. It always draws an interesting crowd at shows and the track, even today. I love the challenge of figuring things out and trying something no one else has. When something breaks I see it as an opportunity rather than a slog (most of the time).

Why waste your time AGF?

At first it was just some basic reviews and a couple install guides. Folks started requesting more info and starting asking me what I thought about this part or another along with helping folks plan their mod time line. Wanting to give back for all the good starting info I got I was happy to post up what I could but I had much more.

Most of what I posted was just a small sampling of the notes and research I was doing for my own build and with all the requests I found myself regularly doing Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V over and over for people. This got to be a bit silly in my mind and so I resolved to figure out a good way to just simply make my notes available to the public in a reasonable way.

I do not consider my work some huge secret and I am not really in competition with anyone, in fact I would love to see tons of fast and awesome Fusions running around. Also this research and info gathering has taken me considerable time and effort, why should everyone go through the same thing over and over. There is no cred to be earned by how much time you spend in front of a screen, its all in the result of the car. So hopefully these notes save people time and keep them from damaging their cars.

Why is FusionSpec here are there not other sites for this stuff?

Originally most of my content was kept on a combination of Imgur and various car communities. The problem I had with this was that things were tough to organize, difficult to update and most communities have multiple vendor relationships and other situations that essentially puts my work out of my control and puts it at risk of being deleted, edited or removed without me even knowing until it is too late. Similar in vein to the creator of EcoboostPerformanceForum I wanted a neutral place that is ad free and sponsor free where the car, the mods available and anything else desired can be discussed freely and with minimal moderation. I am a big fan of free speech as much as reasonably possible (I prefer to lock rather than edit, delete or censor content, try it out, go ahead and create an account and share your real thoughts) and am a big fan of sharing information. Everything posted here is licensed under Creative Commons Share Alike with Attribution so that it may be mixed, remixed and used as needed as long as a link to FusionSpec is included in the attribution.

What about the forum? Is this some kind of club?

Not really, initially the idea was an info site and pretty much everything is a re-pasting or re-writing of notes I already had. Going forward I will be keeping my notes here as well. The software that I am using is something I already had from a previous project and it included social features so I activated the forum and the chat systems so people could discuss things if they so please. Should folks decide to spend time here I am happy to add features on request but there is no goal to create a membership base unless that is what the folks who join would like.

I have also activated blogs and created a build page area should folks wish to use them and if you feel so inclined post your notes, reviews, your ideas or thoughts about products, vendors or whatever. I would like to see this place be an honest and open community as much as possible. All are welcome to use the very same tools I am using.

Remember however there is no need to join the site for access to any of the content we post. Direct linking to our content is allowed and encouraged and there are no content areas that are hidden if you are a non-member so feel free to lurk forever if you so choose.

Is my stuff safe here?

As safe as any other small site you visit. As an engineer with 20+ years of experience and a reputation in the security, finance and industrial industries my job is my reputation. I have not posted a privacy policy yet but it will be pretty much the same as most other sites with one big exception we will NEVER hand your information to any second or third parties. We will be adding full SSL encryption in the near future so that all communications will be fully secure and private.

If you have any questions comments or concerns feel free to reach out to me: agf@fusionspec.net


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