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Got a Boomba crank pulley and Mountune Oil Control kit to install, jumped through a bunch of hoops to get time to do the install and finally get around to really doing it today. Get to the last bits of locking things down to TDC and what do I find? A mis-match in the design of the vac pump. Fun fun! Gotta run out and get yet another tool to complete this project. 

I don't blame Boomba of course, these things just happen. Likely going to miss the track on Wednesday, though might show up anyway just to see that fusion sport run again, this time tuned!

boomba vac pump drive compare.png




Spent a bunch of time working on the driver mod tonight. Tried a bunch of different launching styles and actually got a couple okish runs with the leadout technique. Some asked that I try running with over-inflated tires. 3rd time this season this has done only ok. I still stick better @28psi in the tires. DAs were great but humidity was high, i think it hampered things a bit in spite of the good DA number. 

Had some funny shifting issues into 2nd gear a couple times and wasted a few runs, restarting the car helped things but I think I need to really CHILL OUT on hot lapping and be much more strategic. I know I say that every time and I can't control myself, hotlapping is like a bad drug.

I will be putting my spacers back on and putting in the smaller HKS SSQ BOV so they can fit. also working on a finding time to put in better fluids and install a new mod I have coming. 20160929_015102.jpg

Also got to run a new fusion sport which was on my bucket list for this season. We ran VERY close but I wonder if he was just being nice! Video to come.



Also this awesome sport owner showed up and ran with me. Just 600 miles on his odometer!






The world of automotive fluids is one filled with all kinds of stuff that promises to add horsepower, improve octane and make your engine cook breakfast for you in the morning. It can be tough to see any value in most fluids since most drivers due just fine on the recommended manufacturer fluids and fuels. Ever since I started tuning I realized that the basic manufacturer recommendations don't really cut it when you start pushing your equipment at the edges of and beyond it's designed tolerances. I first realized this in my first tuned car a 1995 Monte Carlo LS with a little 3.1v6 that I was beating the hell out of. I noticed that even with normal oil change intervals that I was seeing thickening of the oil and feeling some graininess in the fluid (carbon, varnish, metal and other solids).

Fearing for my hard work I started trying better fluids. Never a fan of additives I went right to full synthetic oils sending samples in and getting lab reports to review. I also started pushing to see how far I could take fluids as these premium fluids often came at a much higher cost than your off the shelf oils. I went through the brands many folks who push their cars try such as Mobile1, Royal Purple, Redline and AMSOil. With my last tuner car I stuck with AMSOil happy with the lab reports and the fact that I could safely go 15-25k on a single oil change as long as I changed out the filter every 5-7k. 


After a nearly 8 year break from tuning the Fusion (damn turbos!) sucked me back in and I found very quickly that my favorite AMSOil did not seem to be the quality i once remembered, it really almost reminded me of the older off-the-shelf oils I used back in my early tuning days. After doing some research I discovered that the automotive oil industry changed a bit over the years and was even changing quite a bit while I was still using AMSOil in my Monte Carlo. Synthetic is now just a marketing term and  may not be what you want anyway. Oils are mass produced for the widest applications possible and for the most common cars on the road. 

From more research I found that Direct Injected, turbocharged engines like the ecoboost platform have made ever higher demands on the fluids that allow them to operate. Manufactures have worked with fluid makers and the EPA to create common fluids that are "good enough" for most usages but actively degrade modern engines in ways that would have been considered unacceptable just 15-20 years ago particularly with the carbon build up DI engines create on their valves.

I wanted something better and so I started digging, fortunately as I started looking a member of EcoboostPerformanceForum and 2GFusions started posting about his success with a small firm called BND Automotive. The claims made by ZDyne/Zalvern in his post seem preposterous and exceed even some of what many other "magic" fluids would claim. However Zdyne and some other members tried out BND stuff and started reporting very surprising results. 


So I did some digging. BND (Brian Needs Dollars) Automotive is founded by an ex-oil industry chemical engineer that spent nearly three decades developing custom oil blends and fluids for aerospace and military applications. Deciding to strike out on his own Brian founded BND and started producing botique custom fluid blends for his fellow Dodge Hemi fans. Over the last decade and a half BND has expanded to nearly 17,000 customers all over with applications ranging from race teams, to daily drivers and even tractors. Everything is mixed for your specific application and after lots of digging in forums and the internet in general I have yet to find any negative comments about the fluids and additives that BND makes. There seem to be, in general, only two types of folks when it comes to BND; those who have used it and those who haven't. This was odd, you normally see some flame wars about different fluids. Maybe because its so small a company still.

I decided to call up Brian at BND and we had a long discussion about his business, his process and history. I was well impressed with the conversation and left it feeling he was either a brilliant chemical engineer, a brilliant saleman or both. So we discussed pricing (every order is custom and prices are not listed) and his stuff turned out to be, for me, not much more costly than AMSOil so I decided to order up a round of fluids for my Fusion to try out. 


The whole package had just recently arrived at my door and in the last 5 days I have started by just putting some AcesIV in my gas tank. I noticed a difference right away, a bit more power, smoother running, higher MPG and it looks like a bit more timing advance but I added the additive right as temps dropped so maybe its just boost season? So I just yesterday put some AcesIV in my '12 Fiesta SES (1.6NA) and let my fiancee drive it. She came back from errands just this afternoon and is telling me she is a bit shocked at how well her car ran in mid-70s weather with high humidity and found the car accelerating much more quickly than expected. I drove the Fiesta this evening and it does seem a bit quicker and sounds smoother particularly at idle. 


Of course this is only a few days of toying with the additive and I need to get the other fluids in the car. I am going to keep an eye on my datalogs and look for better timing advance over my next couple trips to the track. In the next week or so I will also get all my fluids changed out. Based on the pricing and my reading this stuff can't be any worse than the AMSOil i am using now so at WORST I overpaid for this round of fluids. At best I may have found a complete replacement for my AMSOil addiction. 

I also plan on giving some AcesIV to sthulin @ 2gfuions in hopes of getting someone a bit less invested in trying the additive. For all I know I am just biased having spent money at this point. 

More to come, more to learn, more to review; keep an eye on this blog for updates on my use of BND and more.


Managed to finally firm up the suspension, turned out Flatout's adjustment knobs were too short, So i "modified" them a bit after looking at pics of what they sent another fusion owner.

Left: what dathybrid of 2gf got

Middle: what I got

right: the adjustment FINALLY fitting and allowing me to adjust after ripping the base off my tools. Bonus the stock cover now fits over the adjustment knob!




Took the newly adjusted suspension to the track and nabbed a new PB. The fusion is officially a 13 second car!!




2016-09-22 (1).png

All runs on 93 octane pump gas using Unleashed Tuning's work by Torrie!


Nabbed a new PB last night at NED!



2016-09-10 (1).png

All runs are 93 Octane pump gas with 0 additives (-0.96 OAR), 1/4 tank of gas, spare, jack, full interior and other goodies.

Car is running MUCH more consistently than previous trips to the track. Feeling like this is getting very close to being dialed in!

I have found that launching like everyone keeps telling me to (rolling out first) yields my worst times all around. My last run I did it the way I always used to do it with the Monte Carlo and how a lot of SHO drivers do it, which is power braking to max stall (around 3k rpm) and slamming it with the lights. This gets the most wheel hop (and man do I HOP) but also gets the best times, shifts and strongest pull from 1-3rd gears.

Suspension is too soft still, I am waiting on flatout's adjustment tools (had this suspension for a month and I still have not been able to really enjoy it, COME ON FLATOUT!) so I can stiffen the rear shocks more so right now my butt bounces like a stripper looking for that last dollar. I also ran with stock tire pressure (35-37psi). Also still running the CP-E intake; switching back to stock may net me another tenth or so. I am hopeful that with less bounce, tires at about 30-32psi, the stock intake box (or shielding the CP-E) and a decent DA that I will be able to cut that 13.9 I want before the end of the season. 

That snorkel Velossa is working on would be a boon as well IMO.


I suck, FML!


Lots and lots of work lately and you know paying the bills comes first!

Coils are more dialed in and settling some, but I can't stiffen the rear making for a bouncy butt. Flatout is sending me new tools to adjust the rear correctly. Been running around with LMS v11 93 Aggressive tune for the last couple weeks when not messing with the car and so far its been pretty smooth with the 160* T-Stat I installed. Both Unleashed and LMS tunes went for lower boost and more timing after T-Stat. The car feels faster on a wider powerband now but it does not peak as hard. Shifts are MUCH smoother. It will be interesting to see how this affects my trap speeds.

I found a leak in my diff seal and scheduled an appt to see the dealer, since it was going to take a few weeks I decided to change out the diff oil just to make sure it was topped up, this diff takes only about a quart so I can re-do it later cheaply. Used AMSOil 75w-150 which is amazing! Drive-train is already running smoother.  Going to the dealer tomorrow. Hope it works out.

Also starting to research heat shielding. Intake air and just the engine in general gets a lot of heat from the turbo and manifold. While no one makes turbo blankets for the fusion there are some options that might actually fit. I really want to give the stock turbo and heads as much of a chance as possible to perform well so I can have a strong baseline for stage 1.

More details and reviews of all the latest updates are to come when I get some breathing room. 

Until then check out the galleries for previews of what is coming. I often post the pics long before I do the write up. 





So I officially suck at suspensions. I got things installed, ever so slowly but I cannot get this thing dialed in to save my life. Flatout provided no instructions and the info you find online is very disjointed and often contradicts itself. I am likely an idiot here and simply cant get the bounce in the rear to go away. Then this morning on the way to work I hit a bump on the highway and not get a click when i turn the wheel. 

Taking the car to Granite State Dyno and Tune tomorrow to have them fix any problems I created and hopefully show me how to set this thing up properly. The car handles AMAZINGLY even with the imperfect setup. I plan to have it ride a little higher than most since I am looking for performance and in MA the roads are TERRIBLE! Looking forward to having it work properly!

I did capture some logs with Unleashed's rev 5 tune so I can eventually post them. Also got some properly gapped plugs to install an Evenflow 160* T-Stat and a Livernois tuner so I can do some comparison between Torrie's work @Unleashed and Livernois tunes. 

Hitting the track next week for data logging and hopefully a new PB, might throw some better rubber on the wheels so I can stop spinning out of the box!

Promised data logs, and a review on the suspension is forthcoming, just slammed between trying to make this suspension work and a 10-12 hour a day 7 day a week job!




Wow work has been nuts and now the coils have arrived so I have a weekend project laid out. Still really need to get my latest data logs posted to show things like spool time, I am such a tool not getting to that!

Also  need to tie up the CP-E IC review hope to do that tomorrow so it's out of the way.

This will be the last major round of mods for this year. After this its maintenance, cleanup and tuning!

  • Denso Plugs Gapped 0.030
  • Flatout Suspension 5700 Series Coils
  • Steeda Rear Sway bars 
  • Whiteline rear endlinks (090s and 115s, we will see which fit best).



Been pretty busy between work and car fun. Still tuning the car and collecting data. Have gotten a 5th revision from Torrie @ Unleashed and am working on putting some log pics together to show things like my current spool speed, CAC temps and other values for the data nerds out there. So far this is the best tune yet (they just keep getting better and better); I am considering a wastegate actuator upgrade but need more info before I pull the trigger on that. From my understanding it could help to kill off more surge and also allow me to hold peak boost better. At the same time a lot of people say they are useless or can hurt the turbo so I am on the fence still. 



Helped sthulin on 2gfusions install the new CP-E intercooler on his adaptive cruise control equipped '14 Titanium which confirms that CP-E's IC is the FIRST intercooler that will fit ALL FUSIONS regardless of options. A review and more details are forth coming. 

unnamed (10).jpg


The most exciting bit of news for me is that I have gotten word that the Flatout Supension 5700 series for Ford CD4 coilovers are shipping within the next day or so. Flatout is kindly refunding me the difference between the price I paid and the current group buy price which they did not have to do at all. Flatout is a standup company. Can't wait to have these guys on! 

Expect some more detailed entries soon!






Moving forward with more tuning and feeling out the car. After putting a fair amount of miles on Torrie's 4th tune revision I am well impressed, the power step up is noticeable. We may be getting close to the max output with my current mods and may be shifting to fine tuning it is beginning to feel like. We will see after the next data log at the track and getting a feel for revision five. I still have some compressor surge but it comes up in only two instances, one is rare and one is pretty easy to avoid. Once we are mainly dialed in I will get some data and fine tune out the surge, until then I will just minimize it the best I can.

The other tuner I am working with has made some great progress from my laymen's perspective on learning how to tune the Fusion. It is certainly not a straight forward process and even the tuner can be misled thanks to data and documentation. We just had a successfully test of a controlled 17.5PSI tune setup just for data collection. A couple more revisions and we should be in a place to really start messing with the car. The tuner working with me is quite amazing and very helpful. Learning a ton but the biggest thing is that even modern tuning is not necessarily for the feint of heart.

Still no coilovers and flatout has gone dark on me. Ahh customer communication and small companies, it really is a roll of the dice isn't it?

Grabbed a decent pic of the levels installed. This is a stock front end, you can still easily see the upgrade IMO.




Also got a pic of with the "other car" a '12 Fiesta SES with an NA 1.6



So according to Flatout Suspension, the coilovers that were ordered about 15 weeks ago should be ready to ship any day now! Last time I got a message was about a month ago when I was told they are estimating completion on or around the 15th. I am likely being "that customer" but I am really excited to have these things and get them on the car, partly for the better suspension partly because their CD-4 coils look so damn nice!

Got an updated tune from Unleashed based on the track data on Wednesday and an updated test tune from my "TunerX". Put the the X tune up first so I can collect some data, drove it to lunch and it feels faster than the previous tunes though still solid. I asked Torrie to turn on the knock sensor (Ford turns it off stock) so I can start playing with his global timing adjustment options for run-time and WOT. I have no idea how many tunes I will need with Unleashed or even how close I am at the moment. I need to start really learning how to read Ecoboost fuel trims and such as I feel like a bit of dead weight through this process with both tuners.

I really want to get some money set aside to try out Livernois, based on their marketing this whole process may be moot if I just user their gear.

Now to wait for traffic to die down so I can collect data! ^_^





Busy week so far. My new tuner has been working hard to make a very solid tune. We are going back and forth every other day or so collecting data and updating the tune. He is doing things slowly and bumping things up step by step. I certainly don't mind, this tune, while slower, already seems much more solid than my Unleashed tune. We will see how it compares at the track once the tuner feels it is ready.

Also got out to NED last night to get some runs in and capture data for Unleashed. I am still unable to hookup properly though I am getting better. I think my tire material is too hard for one making sticking a launch a challenge. Also can NED spray just a little VHT please? Maybe all the folks @ street night could kick in a few extra bucks for spray? Like that would happen.

Second with the charge pipes I NEED to brake boost to 2500 to have power at launch, the problem is this is a very torque heavy launch. I might get another tune revision from Unleashed but I will likely wait to run at the track again until the Flatout colilovers and Steeda sway bar with adjustable endlinks get installed. That hardware will be a huge help in keeping the front end from lurching on launch and keep the tires on the ground.

Cut a new PB with all those challenges. On the same ticket I got PBs for 60', 1/8th, 1000' and ET.


All the run data for the night. I can now run below 14.5 consistently as long as I power-brake high enough. Too low or attempt a slow roll and the ET drops as seen in the first 2 runs of the night.


The GF wanted to get a pic of me with the car to show what I have been spending way too much time on. I hate pictures, I always either look insane or unhinged, perhaps that is a sign?


Wow that levels is huge!



Gathered data for the second tuner last night using my stock Ford tune and WOW is the car a dog. It was truly like the mods did nothing but maybe bog the car down. Without a tune most go-fast mods are just a waste of money on this engine it seems. Was happy to switch by to the latest tune I have from Unleashed. The car is "normal" again!

After the new tuner reviewed my data it seems my knock sensor is not recording any information at all. I should be seeing values from -4 to +4 but I read 0 full time.

According to the tuner Ford turned off the knock sensor for my stock tune. No idea why other than perhaps because they de-tune the 2.0 so much in the Fusion that knock is not an issue or causes false readings? I will be getting a base tune with the sensor active and will need to re-do the datalogging. Unlike Unleashed (who asks for full WOT pulls through all gears) this tuner just wants gears 1-3 full range and a sweep from 3rd @2k rpm up to the redline. Much easier to do with highway onramps, you don't even really exceed the posted speedlimit which is quite nice.

So far I really like the level of this tuner's communication. Based on some of his text it seems some of his customers get pretty impatient about the tune process at times as it can take many revisions and data collection cycles before it is dialed in. He bakes in messaging on patience and the number of cycles needed into every message. I can certainly understand the concern, hopefully he will eventually figure out I am not looking for overnight results so he does not have to stress himself. Sure it is nice Torrie can turn stuff on a dime, but when I tuned in the past it would take days or a week or more in the past. I am not going to ding another tuner for doing things like nearly every other tuner I have dealt with for years. Torrie is a brilliant animal (or robot) that does not sleep it seems, us normal humans would never keep up with that!


Wow, almost 9k miles added to the clock since I got the car in December. Runs better than ever thanks to the mods and is super solid to drive. We will see if everything holds up.

Got a second tuner to hook me up with some assistance. Going to run Torrie's work and his back to back and tune them both up. After that I may try Livernois as well. Best tune is kept, the other hardware will be sold off.

I don't necessarily have any problems with Unleashed tuning, Torrie has done a fantastic job so far. Its mainly that there appears to be many styles of tuners and all have various ideas of what works. The best thing in this case I think is to try a few. Need to collect up some data logs with my bone stock tune then collect data for both tuners on the street and on the track. It is going to be a busy week!

Helmet arrives tomorrow, at least if I get lucky at the track I wont get tossed out mid-data collection.



I am still in the process of tuning the car and I can't drive to save my life so I try not to freak out over my timeslips. Based on my research and how hard the car is pulling with the latest tune I should be able to hit a high 13 though I still think it is a bit of a pipe dream. At the same time a lot of folks said updated charge pipe will just slow down a stock setup. Sure it spools a bit slower but the extra pull I felt on the butt dyno says they are doing more than most people think.

Only slips will tell though. Just in case I have ordered a basic SA2015 helmet from racequip. While I might never run a 13 this season at least I know the track officials at NED won't freak out if I do (they are pretty strict there). At minimum they will stop giving me the speech about "well if you run a 13 you are done today blah blah".

The helmet up on Friday and may give things a go next Wednesday at NED. Need to collect some data for more fine tuning anyway. I won't be ready to shoot for a real PB until I get the coilovers on and the engine fully tuned.





Started collecting some tract data before getting this started. Here are my latest and best track runs done last week just after getting the levels FMIC installed. My tune has been updated since then so if I learn how to launch who knows where it could go.

I went last week as well but it was a stock Unleashed tune without the FMIC installed. This week I got an updated tune from Torrie and that sweet Levels FMIC installed. Little 2.0 hauled me (all 3995 lbs) to 14.346@93.16 with a 1.999 60'. Wheel hopping like mad for the first 30-40' even with tire pressure at 30PSI might need to wait for coilovers before i will be able to stick a launch. If I can figure it out I feel this car could hit 14.29 or better this season.

New England Dragway - June 29th

Name Format: YYYYMMDD HHMMSS (24 hour format)


These runs are a mix of sthulin's (from http://2gfusions.net ) '14 Titanium and my '15 SE AWD on the same day. Sthulins car has the lighter color wheels and the brighter headlights with DRLs while mine have the black wheels and stock looking headlights.




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