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    Manifold three-at-once upgrade (Boomba/Cordova)- Punchy and Fun

    The first part of the review will cover each product and the install. If you are interested in the performance and looks of the mods scroll to the bottom of the post.
    Cordova Optimized Throttle Body
    The optimized throttle body is a very common OE modification done in just about every car. Many people opt to even do this work themselves however on some turbo platforms including the ecobost there have been issues with idle with typical porting and widening of the throttle. The cordova TB instead makes changes that from driving so far appear to be quite compatible with the ecoboost platform. Rather than porting cordova focus only on improving the throttle plate and mounting hardware to open up the total area some. Between this and some mild grinding on the plate a driver should see some improved throttle response and a little more power.
    5 - Cordova 20L EcoBoost Optimized 60mm TB.jpg
    I ordered a new throttle body for cordova to optimize so quality is standard Ford OE for the most part, the modifications on the throttle plate look great and would easily be confused for stock if not for the grinding marks on the throttle plate (very normal). Normally one would use the term knife blading because the TB plate is ground to a near sharp point for a very fine and sharp throttle. Cordova does not do this though I don't think for lack of ability more than this may be one of the issues when optimizing an ecoboost throttle as knife edging may prevent the throttle plate from sealing correctly when closed.
    Standard OE swap out, Cordova makes no changes that would cause an issue with normal install.

    Boomba Throttle Body Spacer for 2.0
    Spacers on the intake side of most cars are about increasing the intake runner length as much as possible. By the numbers most engines optimum intake runner length is often much longer than what is actually installed. This is in part due to not needing the power and in part due to the fact that optimum runner length is often insane for a normal engine bay (anywhere from 16-36" or more in length PER cylinder). This why you seen the fancy runner designs on more sporty cars, its an attempt to fit more runner length under the hood. Spacers bank on this reality basically for most engines you can add spacers too the right part of the system, getting a little closer to optimum runner length and get a bit more (mostly torque) out of the system.
    The TB spacer would be good for minor gains IMO. The most useful feature of the boomba spacer is the extra vac port you get right after the throttle plate once it is installed. This may be desired for custom BOVs, catch cans or other features.
    4 - Boomba 20 Fusion Throttle Body Spacer.jpg
    Boomba billet quality is great, I mean really great, the milling is done very nicely and the andoization is a great deep read. All the hardware looks amazing.
    Installation was easy to do, I did not follow the directions as I was doing other mods so I pulled the intake fully off, with the intake off putting a spacer on is child's play. the length of the provided bolts is perfectly measured.
    6 - Cordova TB w Boomba TB Spacer.jpg

    Boomba Intake Manifold Spacer for 2.0
    The Boomba spacer works on the same idea as the throttle body spacer (see above) however it sits right at the beginning of the actual intake runners for the engine. The effect of the spacer here should be more pronounced than what you will get from a TB spacer. Of course both used together is the most effective combination as you gain almost 1" of runner length between the 2 spacers.
    3 - Boomba 20 Fusion Intake Manifold Spacer.jpg
    Just like the TB spacer, high quality billet and hardware, very nice looking, the spacers to re-position the stock mounts for the engine cover are even billet to match the spacer. The ports on the spacer are there incase you want to add additional fueling later.
    As easy as the TB spacer overall however everyone should be aware that using this spacer requires you to buy some new sockets if you do not have them already.
    Sound is even better now, my intake is louder, I can hear the BOV more even in the car now. Also can hear the compressor surge at low power. Hope a better BOV fixes that. Very nice to really hear that intake.
    Doing all three of these at once I most certainly feel a gain. I feel a bit more power through most of the range and a bit more pull down low when going from a dig.
    Still haven't gotten a full run to top speeds yet but getting up to excessive speeds is most certainly easier now.

    Overall AKA tl'dr
    I love this combonation of mods, almost as good as what I have seen from lightweight pully kits in the past which is saying a bit. Overall I would say the Boomba hardware is worth the cost. The Cordova I feel may be a be pricey for what it is, even after getting the core charge back. I like having it and I am sure it is helping but clearer A to B testing would be needed to see if it is worth it.
    IMO go for the boomba and if you are going all out add the cordova but you don't really need it (might matter more as I up the power).

    The instructions for these are posted on boomba's site so I did not do a walk through on these parts. Feel free to open the install guides and check out the details of the install.
    Update 5/26
    Been driving around quite a bit both city and highway, and it has been really great! My CP-E CAI did very little for the power in this car. The power improvement with tb ans spacers is amazing, top end is nearly the same but the low end grunt even up to highway speeds around 60-70 is very noticeable, I realized how much different things really were yesterday when the car pulled much faster for the amount of pedal I was into than I had expected. Between the awesome performance increase and the fact that spacers and tb alone will increase your sound I would say this is a better first mod than any of the intake options.
    If you are just starting out with performance this is likely the easiest and most bang for the buck (after a tune of course) you can get next to pullies or a downpipe.

    1 - Intake Spacer Installed.jpg

    2 - TB and Spacer Installed.jpg





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