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    CP-E Rear Motor Mount - Vibration is subjective.


    Shipping and Packaging
    CP-E quality as per usual. Amazingly perfect packaging and very fast shipping with great customer service. Their consistency and high quality across everything they do is impressive!

    02 - CP-E Stage-2 Motor Mount .jpg


    Stock vs CP-E
    The stock mount includes a large urethane block to absorb engine vibrations. This allows a smooth ride for the driver but allows the engine and trans to move quite a bit under the hood (inches under WOT, really, inches of movement).

    03 - Stock and CP-E Side-by-Side.jpg

    The CP-E mount is much higher quality and uses a different design. First CP-E omits the material in the frame-side mount leaving it entirely billet. The the cushion is provided by a large (poly?) bushing installed in the engine side of the mount. This bushing allows the engine to remain firm while absorbing any vibrations that could damage the mount itself.


    04 - Stock and CP-E Side-by-Side.jpg

    05 - Stock and CP-E Side-by-Side.jpg



    The install on this is super easy and pretty much anyone can do it. Simply lift the car, remove the skid plates, remove the stock mount and install the CP-E mount. There are some torque specs that need to be adhered to as best as possible. You can normally rent a torque wrench from your local parts store if you don't have or don't want to buy one. More details can be found in the install reference.

    10 - CP-E Mount Installed.jpg


    The point of a improved motor mount is to hold the transmission and engine more firmly allowing for less torsion forces when shifting. This allows for more power to the ground and is actually less harmful to the transmission and torque converter in the long term.

    The CP-E part is firm and dutifully transmits the extra vibrations through the frame and into the cabin under certain circumstances. The vibrations are really not out of line for any mount I have seen on any car and seem pretty normal. The worst as usual is when reversing as the whole cabin will shake a bit. Sitting at a 700rpm idle has a light vibration that could get annoying to some.

    After bumping the idle up 1050rpm with tuner options everything smoothed out to near stock except reverse with still has a very slight (comparatively) vibration.

    Normal driving has next to no vibrations at all, nothing I really noticed anyway. Turning on the AC does make any vibration worse and the harder you push the compressor the more vibration you will get if you do not adjust the idle to 1000 rpm or better; once again though while driving you do not really feel it.

    The transmission shifts like butter now, there is no jerkiness to a hard shift at WoT anymore. Gear shifts are firm, fast and do not disturb the car/cabin much at all.

    I recommend this to anyone wanting to get more into power mods, the more power you make the more twist you will get from your engine and trans the more you need to control it. The vibrations are not for everyone but once the idle is bumped it should really only be noticeable in reverse (I will report on this once my idle is pushed up).

    If you are a fan of better shifts from your transmission and don't mind a little vibration this is a great mount to go with.

    UPDATE 8/13

    Despite the vibrations in the cabin (no more than I am used to TBH) I like this mount, need to do some direct comparison to other mounts with regards to actual movement but it seems to hold things very firm. Even after a few thousand miles things are still tight and the vibrations are still the same. For the most part they are not noticeable as long as my idle is around 1000rpm.  

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