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    CP-E Catted Downpipe - Maxing Out the Stock Turbo Part II

    This mod was installed on a 2015 SE AWD with CP-E Cold and Hot Sides with a Synapse BOV and a CP-E RMM and Intake.
    Shipping, Design, Quality
    I have said it so many times now I feel like a broken record but they are so good at it that it is worth mentioning every-time. These guys are some of the best packers and shippers I have ever seen. Just have a blade handy, you are not opening their boxes with your hands without a fight.
    The quality of the part is as usual very good, the welds are average to good and the design is a perfect match for the stock pipe. This part, like all CP-E fits so well a tech might think its stock once installed with some miles.
    I chose the model with the high-flow cat. This is mainly because I spend a lot of time in heavy traffic and do not want to throw fumes on my fellow commuters. You lose about 3-5hp catted vs not. I particularity like that the CP-E pipe includes a 3rd O2 sensor bung so you can easily add your own wideband sensor for a guage, dyno tuning or whatever.
    01 - CP-E QKspl Downpipe with High Flow Cat.jpg
    Stock vs CP-E
    The differences between stock and CP-E are pretty stark. Due to the smaller cat and less heat shielding the CP-E pipe is easily 20-30% lighter than stock.
    As can be seen the stock pipe has a number of restrictions first with the general angle of flow to the CAT then the piping after the cat decreases and heads into a large flex pieces. All of this causes restriction in the exhaust system and for a 2.0 prevents fast spooling of the turbo under WOT. In particular with the mods on this car.
    03 - Stock vs CP-E.jpg
    The install of this DP was actually surprisingly easy, this is mainly thanks to Ford engineers here. By positioning the turbo behind the engine the turbo outlet ends up sitting below the vertical part of the firewall. This avoids the typical curving up of the pipe to a point higher up where getting tools between the engine and firewall would be difficult.
    Further rather than the more traditional 2 or 3-bolt flange often done when mounting to the engine Ford went for the more expensive yet far more reliable and easier to work-with V-Band clamp (if you are bored look up the history/design of V-Band clamps, it is pretty cool). Rather than having 2 or 3 bolts to deal with I only needed to loosen a single well placed nut on the clamp. Once loose you hit it with some PB blast or WD-40 and tap it with a mallet or tool, once you hear the pop, the pipe is free.
    The instructions note that you need a friend to install the new pipe onto the V-Band clamp, while it is helpful to have a helper I was able to find a way to do it on my own by loosely bolting the exhaust hangars up first (contrary to the directions). This made it easier to position the pipe and slide the band over the ridge on down-pipe inlet.
    The biggest warning I have is that you need to make sure you have Nickel based anti-seize. This was not available anywhere locally for me but was easy to get on amazon. My car sat on stands for a week waiting for this as I thought I could get nickel anti-seize near by. Boy was I wrong!
    This is a mod I would not suggest to a first timer but after a few mods and some wrench practice you could do it, just follow the instructions. As usual, keeping everything loose until it is lined up is most important.
    18 - 9 Bolt up the exhaust system.jpg
    21 - Down-pipe installed.jpg
    This mod most certainly gives the exhaust a more aggressive note in general even on a stock cat-back exhaust setup. It is even more fun to rev the engine now between the exhaust and the BOV/intake noises. Can't wait to get a cat-back.
    The DP, even with my mild SCT tune from Torrie not only eliminates my turbo lag but has me starting with more boost at WoT. Prior to the DP if I went WoT on the highway for example I would get 11-13 PSI and then climb up from there. Now I START at 17psi and it builds much quicker from there.
    Acceleration and pull is better through the range though I think it can be better. This is most certainly a mod you want to have a tune ready for. I will be updating my tune once I get the FMIC upgraded.
    I need to get more miles before I go into more detail, traffic sucked today because some water fell from the sky earlier.
    EDIT: 11:20pm - Just got back from a quick run with MUCH less traffic about. My top end has opened up immensely! In simple terms, as easy as most go from 70/80 - 100mph. I know can go from 100-130 just as quickly with power to spare. This is with a very basic tune too!
    Upgrading the down-pipe is not only a great way to eliminate your turbo lag and get some more power IMO it is mandatory if you wish to go further than say spacers and an intake. For example my CP-E hot and cold side helped the car but are not really being used to their fullest. The DP allows for much more efficient use of those pipes and it kills any lag you have even some extra you may have gotten from updating the charge air pipes.
    I recommend a DP for anyone going for more serious mods or if you are upgrading the charge air system so you can more fully take advantage of the upgrades you have.


    11 - Down-pipe removed .jpg

    12 - Nicke Anti-Seize required for Install.jpg





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