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    CP-E 2013+ αIntake™ Intake System

    Installed and reviewed on 2015 Ford Fusion 2.0 AWD with tune by Unleashed. Car is otherwise stock.
    The CP-E αIntake is the newest commercial intake on the market from one of the smaller full service shops that work with Fusions. CP-E prides themselves on excllent products and customer services. The strive for a clean stock like fit and parts that are thought through well enough to be serviceable and grow with the build. 

    The CP-E intake is similar in design to the sometimes popular Injen+Steeda intake combination which like the CP-E is an intake that includes a box that shields the filter from the hottest parts of the engine along with a large intake pipe the goes all the way to the TIP (turbo inlet port).
    09 - pA7jOLc.jpg

    I got my CP-E Intake just 2 days after ordering, CP-E packaging is as usual tough as nails and meant to take a beating from shippers. Everything was securely packed and received in perfect condition.
    04 - CP-E 20T Intake Intake System.jpg
    I cracked into the box over the weekend and got the intake installed. I took pics and created some basic step-by-steps for the process:


    Overall I found the install to be super way, CP-E instructions are very complete though picture quality could be better at times (it can be difficult to see the fine details they need you to notice). The build and finish of everything was very high quality and the stock fit is perfect. At first when I started installing I was concerned things would not line up correctly. Trust the directions, wait to the end to adjust things, for the most part nearly everything falls in line on its own. The reuse of the stock components ensures there will not be any rattles or odd noises other than normal intake noises. Very quality kit.
    06 - Step 4 Attach mounting feet.jpg
    (Bonus points if you noticed that yes, the connector for the cone is installed backwards in this picture)
    The box itself is only tack welded so it is not fully sealed on the sides facing the engine however the gap is very small. If it bothers you a bead of RTV will fix the gap. The other large laser cut holes are on the front of the box on the drivers side and the drivers side of the box. They tired to build the box to grab the coolest air it could under the engine bay.
    The pipe is a single piece that is bent to perfectly fit stock with the cover on the engine. One of the 2 stock mount points and grommets are re-used for stability. The couplers used are high quality 4 layer silicon and the clamps are pretty standard. During the install I found that 2 of the clamps in the kit were 2.5 inch rather than the needed 3". Fortunately I some HPS bolt style clamps in the garage so only a minor irritation, check your parts when they come in.
    The plexi looks great and the laser etched CP-E logo stands out more in person than in the pics.
    02 - CP-E Intake System Install.jpg
    This intake sounds great on the car! CP-E has calibrated the setup very well to ensure that while driving normally you don't really hear the intake at all but once you get into the throttle more than 20% or so you start to hear the intake and the BOV clearly. This is particularly noticeable from 20mph to about 70+ (after that the wind kind of drowns out the intake) with the window down the wind overcomes most of the noise around 50-60mph. Inside the cabin with the windows up you can hear the sucking of the intake and the BOV clearly though not obnoxiously loud (at least I don't think so). Passengers do not notice it nearly as much as the driver due to where the holes are on the box.

    Removed video link for now, trying to get a better clip for everyone.
    So far it is hard to tell with the butt dyno, I have put about 30 mixed miles on the car and it feels a bit more open and easier to accelerate but it could all be in my head.
    As far as intake temps, I have been logging with torque on nearly every drive since Feb but only recording charge air temps since april or so. I need to collect more data with this intake and dig more into my old data to really get a feel.
    At first blush however with a couple hours of log review in already (ambient temps of about 50-55* today) :
    • Idling for extended periods 20*+ higher than stock and it clears after the first 50 feet of driving
    • Normal driving (30+mph with lights but not lots of stopping and sitting) is about 5-10* higher on intake temps
    • Highway driving is identical to stock

    So far I love this intake, it looks great under the hood and sounds amazing. I could be wrong but the car really does seem to perform a tad bit better but that could all be in my head. Temp differences so far do not look bad, more data to collect still.
    After having the Steeda and Injen in my hands (though not installed) I would say this is a much better intake, I would bet it sounds better than both. I would say the CP-E is louder than a Steeda and not as loud as an Injen. This setup really is a better made version of the steeda and the injen used together as a single intake.
    I would recommend this intake to anyone interested in a solid, very nice looking setup, that can allow your car to be quiet when you want it to.
    Update 7/25 and many mods later
    This was the first mod I put on the car and I still have it on with all the other mods. There is about 4000 miles on the intake now. It still sounds really great but I still have no real idea if it is contributing at all to the overall system. I may need to do some track testing.
    Like all intakes this one does take air in from the engine bay. So far from logs and watching gauges I have seen under hood temps go as high as 164*. This was sitting in traffic in 98* weather. Once we cleared the traffic the engine cleared the air within a mile. It is often much better and it takes about 30 mins even at those temperatures to reach 150+.
    If you have an intercooler upgrade  the higher temps brought in by the intake at those times is reduced to a mere annoyance. 

    02 - HeA5JR1.jpg


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